More than 50 companies in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have worked with us to develop and improve their business operations.

Projects and Experience

What our clients say about us:

"We keep working with Eddi simply because of one rule. With Eddi the job gets done and it gets done well."

"All our IT solutions and services are outsourced to EDDI for more than 10 years already. Their services are fast, professional and flexible."

"EDDI team= best solutions and professional IT support for development of our quality management system."

"We really appreciate this partnership and solutions that are always offered considering our wishes and available resources!"

"EDDI team provides us with strong support in implementation and everyday usage of modern technologies and solutions, allowing us to focus on the development of our core business."

"Our benefit – continuity and further development of business processes and professional support in all IT- related areas."

The work we have done is a solid and valuable investment into the development of a sustainable quality management system."

"Since the beginning of our partnership with Eddi, we have achieved a level where IT is providing a strong support for our business functions."

"Did the solution help us - the answer definitely is yes."


Our current and former clients: