Worried about the security of your business? We will inspect the infrastructure and get you an accurate analysis of the situation in less than an hour.

Inspect the Security of Your Business in 56 Minutes

What is business security and why to take care of it?

Business security is a complicated term that includes various positions – data security, physical security, performance of IT systems, protection from external threats – these are just a few of examples of what should be taken into account. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to understand the possible risks, therefore improving the security of business environment in Latvia.

Business security is important for every entrepreneur, since it directly influences company’s business continuity and its operation in long terms. The sense of security about future allows you to perform more successfully. Taking into account possible threats, business activity in unprotected circumstances is held in stressed environment, thus business processes of unprotected organization are slowed down, and they are more expensive and fragmented.

Research "Data Security in Latvian Enterprises 2011"

In the end of 2011 Eddi performed a research on data security in Latvian enterprises. The main goal was to find out how entrepreneurs and managers evaluate the data security in their enterprises and in what extent they pay attention to various security issues.

Research results show that the most organizations have faced various threats, not only regarding data security, but to the entire enterprise’s operations as whole. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 threats have caused financial loss to the company.

In spite of the fact that results do not represent situation in Latvian enterprises too optimistic, we are able to help you to discover the weakest points and provide security against most significant risks of your business. Remember – attention must be paid to all problems, nevertheless, never forget that significant part of all the problems can be solved with easy methods that do not require large financial or time resources.

What to do?

Knowing that your business secrets are protected will improve your everyday work, as well as give confidence about organization’s ability to work in a long term. Therefore experts recommend taking care of data security and focus on ways to protect them. Although these are only few examples of uncountable possibilities how to ensure the security of the company, first steps for maintaining data security are:

  • Acknowledge the serious impact of IT security on your business;
  • To check IT security on regular basis;
  • To monitor and maintain your IT, including regular data backups, updates and inspections;
  • To allocate funds for IT budget in order to maintain the required security level;
  • To educate, monitor and test the users.

How can we help?

In order for you to be able to evaluate what is the security level in your company, we offer to perform the initial company’s security inspection within an hour, as a result you will receive a report on:

  • Vulnerability of the infrastructure and efficiency of the security procedures;
  • Compliance of software and database versions and security of the operation;
  • Existence and efficiency of business security related processes;
  • Training level of employees and their readiness in exceptional circumstances;
  • Total efficiency of the business risk management.

If you would like to receive more in-depth understanding about business security, as well as to detect main bottle-necks and cause-and-effect relationships of the main business risks, we offer to perform wider and more detailed evaluation of security in your organization, including:

  • Business process analysis;
  • IT infrastructure’s alignment with business processes;
  • Web tool, software, and data checkup;
  • Business risk evaluation.

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