Our greatest value is our knowledge about business processes and IT solutions, as well as our understanding as to how these disciplines can be brought together. We work individually with each client to make sure that the technologies offer fine support for the organization’s attempts to achieve its goals. You will always benefit when you use the knowledge that we have.

About Eddi


We are bold and always direct. Bold, because we are not afraid of complex projects and challenges. Direct, because we openly say what we think, observe and perceive.

Every single one of us is talented in his/her own way:


However, regardless of the various kinds of work we do or projects we implement, all of us stand strong in our belief that information technologies andbusiness processesmust interact closely at all times. This is why we have been speaking in both business and IT languages for the past 20 years and have managed to find solutions in situations where others haven’t been able to!

So - If you have a question about any of our services, need advice or solution for a problem, feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be delighted to help!

We will be outstanding partners and assistants if you wish to:

  • Find new markets and expand your operations;
  • Increase the effectiveness and speed of your processes;
  • Improve client services;
  • Reduce expenditures on resources.

We can make many other improvements which will ensure more efficient business operations and use of resources at your company.  The main job is to work together in selecting and implementing those solutions that are best for you.

Our values: